Exploring conscious connection and force free partnerships between horse & human

At Unbridled Goddess, I combine principles of classical dressage with a focus on biomechanics and the inner drive of the horse to achieve harmonious, healthy partnerships between horse & human.  My teachings are based heavily in positive reinforcement, with an adherence to LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) protocols.

Training and lessons are uniquely tailored to each horse and human, and can include work with liberty, trick training, and working equitation. All services are closely tied with supporting and developing the emotional state and interpersonal skills of the human for long term success in their equine partnerships.

Horse in Training Services

Give your horse the gift of a whole-horse approach with a customized training program, offering full care at our custom, holistic facility and 5 days a week of active training.  Whether you are looking to rehabilitate your horse from injury, prepare them for sale, or bring your youngster into work for the first time, my training program is uniquely tailored to each horse to unlock their full potential.

With a focus on self-carriage, lightness, and engagement that transcends disciplines, your horse’s custom program can cater to your choice of specialization.  I offer ridden training and ground training with in-hand work, liberty work, and trick training.  For more advanced horses or those wishing to enroll their horses in longer term programs, I can offer training in skills including Spanish walk and trot, and higher schools such as piaffe, passage, school-halt and more.

Full training programs are available in 60 or 90 day blocks, and start at $1500/month including hay.  Grain and supplements provided by the owner.

To learn more about the Unbridled Horse in Training Program and request a catalogue, email

* Currently taking applications for full time training for Fall 2021*

Private Clinics

For those looking for an immersive lesson experience, I offer two or three day private clinics at the Unbridled Goddess facility.  From beginning liberty work to fine tuning your communication under saddle, private clinics are flexible in focus and allow each rider and each horse to engage in an open learning process suited to their individual needs.

Private clinics are available in two or three day blocks with two lessons included per day. Participants may bring a maximum of two horses and have the option to work with horses from the Unbridled Goddess herd for an additional charge (limited to one lesson per day).

Two day clinics start at $600. Three day clinics start at $825.

*Currently booking for Fall/Winter 2021. Limited availability!

Private Clinics may be shared between a maximum of two participants – contact for details and pricing. Daily board and care is $25 per horse, hay and feed not included. Participants must be at least 15 years of age and provide their own horse for the private clinic.

Local Lesson Packages

Lesson packages are perfect for local clients who would like to take the next step with their horses and are ready to receive ongoing support in their training. Each session is uniquely tailored to fully support the partnership between human and horse.

Lesson Packages start at $300 and include four 45 minute sessions.

To get on the local lesson waitlist, email

Individual lesson purchases and long distance sessions (over 30 min. from zip code 95519) are not available. Clients may trailer to my facility with an all weather arena free of charge. Clients must be at least 15 years of age and provide their own horse for all lesson services.

For Long Distance Fans of Unbridled Goddess

Can’t make it to the Unbridled Goddess facility?  There are still plenty of opportunities for you to connect to the Unbridled Goddess community and learn from me!


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