Empowering horse & human to unbridle their full potential

Tara Davis, Founder and Head Trainer

At Unbridled Goddess, Tara immerses herself in the teachings of the Herd, sharing the timeless wisdom of the Horse.  Weaving together lessons from science and spirituality, hers is a unique horsemanship approach with the purpose of empowering both horse and human.  Tara believes that opening our awareness to the possibilities of a more conscious and consensual relationship with our horses reflects in our interpersonal relationships – as well as our relationships with ourselves.

Tara supports the unique connection between each horse and human through her 20+ years of experience in the equine industry, background in dressage, and education in holistic horse care practices.  In her training, Tara combines principles of classical dressage with a focus on biomechanics and the inner drive of the horse to achieve harmonious, healthy lifelong partnerships.  Her teachings are based heavily in positive reinforcement, with an adherence to LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) protocols, and incorporate the development of mindful awareness in riders.

The Unbridled Goddess Facility

Tucked away in the evergreen trees of Humboldt County, California, the Unbridled Goddess training facility is a haven of learning and healing.  Our custom designed barn, pastures, track system and all-weather arena allow us to provide the ideal environment for an integrated approach to rehabilitation and training.

With a focus on the species-specific needs of our equine partners, we provide quality, holistic care individualized to each horse.