Unbridled is a state of mind

A way of thinking about our work with horses in a different light.  A recognition of the horse as a willing participant in the relationship.  An acknowledgement that without the horse’s desire to engage, the partnership cannot truly flourish.  

Unbridled reignites the spark that fuels movement and connection, opening the path for horse and human to engage in an authentically healthy way.

Unbridle your horse’s potential

Give your horse the gift of an unbridled future by enrolling them in the Unbridled Goddess horse in training program.  Whether you are looking to rehabilitate your horse from injury, prepare them for sale, or bring your youngster into work for the first time, my training program is uniquely tailored to each horse to unlock their full potential.

Join a community of horse lovers who live unbridled

Support Unbridled Goddess and join a like-minded community of horse lovers in the Unbridled Membership.  Exclusive membership content includes Q&A’s, behind-the-scenes videos, riding meditations, and discounts on Unbridled Goddess courses and services.  COMING SOON.

Holistic horse care for every equestrian

Learn the fundamentals of equine care practices with my whole-horse approach in the Holistic Horse Course.  This self-paced learning experience will guide you through topics such as feeding, managing herd dynamics, hoof health, and more.  Perfect for those new to horse care to seasoned equestrians who would like to shift their care practices towards a holistic, species-appropriate program. COMING SOON.

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