The Horses

The horses in my personal herd.



misaThe original Unbridled Goddess – this is the horse that really set me down a deep path of learning. Misa is an 8 year old rescued Andalusian mare who had severe trust issues when she arrived with me. As I set out to heal her from her traumatic past, she ended up being my own greatest healer – and greatest teacher. We have been together since January 2016, and she has transformed into a different horse in that time through patience and understanding. From despising human contact of any kind and shutting off mentally during any attempt to connect, to expressing affection and absolutely loving to play. She has a true gift for reading people, and is very expressive in her reactions to the hidden truths she sees. In my work with her, I have discovered so many ways of connecting that have helped me understand how to better work with horses as a whole – I truly have her to thank for inspiring all of this!

Misa is a natural teacher, as she has grown and healed she has shown an incredible propensity for assisting people with their own healing and growth. She has a gentle and forgiving nature and seems to truly enjoy helping people learn to experience the magic of dancing with a horse in true freedom.


Sangre de Drago


Joining the herd in Spring of 2017, Drago is a 7 year old Friesian Sport Horse. He is outgoing and exuberant, with a love of learning and a curious nature. It has been fascinating to watch the process of him unlearning the mindset mainstream horse handling had forced on him. Fostering creativity and joyful participation in our training has seen him becoming expressive and engaging instead of lazy and disinterested. Together we have explored the power of combining R+ based training with classical dressage movement theory, and the results have been incredible. Exquisitely light and responsive, he is an eager and joyful partner who I am so proud to dance with.



20201216_083050 (1)A true diamond in the rough, Ixchel was found at a livestock auction on the brink of being shipped to slaughter. With the shaved mane and clipped tail of a Spanish broodmare, and nothing but the most basic leading training, she was disregarded by the viewers. Unbeknownst to the auctioneers, she was in her final weeks of pregnancy, and the life of her unborn foal lay in the hands of the highest bidder. Luckily a soft hearted woman, seeing her condition, purchased her simply to spare her life. A few weeks after she was brought to safety, she gave birth to a beautiful filly. Shortly after that, they both came into my life, and once her filly was old enough to travel, they officially joined the Unbridled Herd. She has proven to be brilliantly smart, gregarious and strong, a wonderful mother and a curious friend. Ixcha truly embodies the serene mother role, at once powerfully protective and gracefully stoic.

As her filly has grown, Ixcha has begun further education with me. A gifted groundwork partner, all of our training has been at liberty and she has always been an enthusiastic learner. We are continuing our training at liberty into riding, where she has excelled beyond anyone’s expectations. She has taught me so much about trust and faith, and the marvelous capacity of horses and humans.


Precioso del Rey

DSC_0711 (1)

I had no intention of bringing another horse into the Herd, until I received a phone call that would change my life. Through a series of amazing circumstances, Precioso, an incredible Andalusian stallion, joined the herd in October of 2019. Since then we have navigated a complicated and arduous rehabilitation that has allowed him to flourish and grow into a confident, strong, healthy stallion who is able to live in a herd and experience life with deep and meaningful friendships. Together, we challenge the restrictions and stereotypes that so often surround stallions, especially in regards to the safety of training with R+. Through the work we have done together, using positive reinforcement and energy work, we have been able to explore high school movements at liberty and under saddle, develop healthy interactions with other horses, and create a joyful way of communicating that allows him to maintain his autonomy.



Born September 7, 2017 only weeks after her mother was rescued from a high risk slaughter auction, Ataecina is the shining star of the future. She will be trained and raised in the complete Unbridled mindset, and I can see already her untarnished autonomy and inner drive makes her a fascinating and talented partner. She is calmly curious, observant and perceptive – with a grounded energy that maintains balance even while she bursts with joy and exuberance! In 2020, Cina found her forever home with the most wonderful family who love her endlessly. Getting to raise this filly and give her the life she deserves has been such a rewarding and beautiful journey.


TwoLena’s Rose ofaDoc “Cricket”


This beautiful mare belongs to my life partner, Patrick, who was drawn to her from the moment he set eyes on her. They connected immediately and she has helped him become a more refined and balanced horseman in their time together. I am lucky enough to continue her training and get to partner with her in our new journey of competing in Working Equitation, through R+ based training. Together we achieved Top 10 ranking Nationally in Level 3 Working Equitation for 2018. Her tenacity and drive is unparalleled – a true testament to the Quarter Horse breed, she owns her power with a self-assured mindset.