I specialize in classical/alt-classical dressage, with a focus on biomechanics and the inner drive of the horse. As a LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) trainer, my teachings are based heavily in Positive Reinforcement. I offer training in a variety of focus’ including Liberty, Trick Training, and Working Equitation. All of my lessons and training are closely tied with the emotional state and interpersonal skills of the human.

Lesson Rates:

For Students with their own Horses: $65 for a 45 minute lesson

Lesson Packages: $220 for 4 pack of  lessons.

Travel fees may apply for locations over 30 minutes away, or trailer in to my facility with an all weather arena free of charge.

For Students without a Horse: $100 per session with my personal horses.

* I currently have a waitlist for new students, please contact me to be placed on the waitlist for future openings

* I am not currently taking on students under 15 years of age

Full Training Services:

Full training programs available in 60 or 90 day blocks. Give your horse the gift of a whole-horse approach to training with a customized training program, offering full care at my custom, holistic facility and 5 days a week of training. 

With a focus on self-carriage, lightness, and engagement (both physical and mental) that transcends disciplines, your horse’s custom program can specialize in the discipline of your choice. I offer cross training or full training from the ground with In Hand work and Liberty as well as Trick Training. For the more advanced horses or those wishing to enroll their horses in longer term programs, I can offer training in more advanced skills including Spanish Walk and Trot, and higher schools such as Piaffe, Passage, Schoolhalt and more.

Full training is $1500 a month including hay. Grain and supplements provided by owner. 

* Currently taking applications for full time training in Summer 2021

Long Distance Lessons/Consulting:

I offer lessons and consulting via video call for students outside of my travel area. Looking to learn more about positive reinforcement, liberty, or the Unbridled Way? Get one on one education as you explore an alternative way of working with horses. Seeking assistance on behavioral issues from food aggression to trailer loading, or anything in between? I can create a comprehensive behavior modification plan tailored to you and your horse and offer support and guidance as you implement it. Could you use insight on your training sessions? I offer video analysis and in depth discussion to help you unlock the next level.

All Long Distance Lessons and Consultations are $60 for a 45 minute session.