HERD is an 4 part intensive online course that focuses on the personal aspects of horsemanship. Designed to help you unlock the power within to connect and communicate on a deeper level, HERD offers a deep dive into one key element per section. Each element will provide you with more tools to explore both your horsemanship and your Self with greater awareness and insight. This course explores concepts and practices which can be used to facilitate growth in any equestrian discipline or training style, whether you are seeking to communicate more effectively in training, or simply to connect on a deeper level in life.

Each section will consist of a series of pre-recorded video lectures, a curated collection of literature that expand on the weekly topic, and a video clip to analyze and answer questions about. There will be an essay/reflective writing prompt on that sections topic. The lectures and literature for each section will be accessible at any time during the course on the course platform, and there will be private course forum on which students can post for group discussions pertaining to or in relation to the course/horsemanship in general.

This course is open to international participants, but all texts, lectures, and group meetings will be in English. Participants are not required to own a horse, nor is it necessary to be working with a horse to complete this course. Participants from all training styles are welcome, this course is not limited to those who work at liberty, nor does it require an interest in liberty. HERD is a course intended to facilitate growth within the human with the goal of providing exercises, tools, awareness, and knowledge with which you can grow as a person as well as further develop your abilities as an equestrian.

HERD Topics

Section 1: Speaking the Universal Language: How Becoming Fluent in the Language of Emotion Clears the Pathway for Communication

Section 2: Your Perspective Shapes Your Reality: How Shifting Internally Shifts Everything

Section 3: Visualization and the Power of Mirror Neurons: At the Crossroads of Meditation and Movement Science

Section 4: Integrating the Lessons of the Herd: An Invitation to Authenticity

Course Fees

At Your Pace Individual Course Pricing: $111

Group Series Course Pricing: $210 (includes weekly group video meetings/Q&A. Future series dates pending)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at tara@unbridledgoddess.com