DP Saddles

Interested in the array of awesome saddles you see on my pages? Let me help you find the saddle of your dreams with DP Saddles. As a representative for DP I can help you find and order exactly what you are looking for, with our range of customizable saddles with dozens of models to choose from.

DP Saddlery’s adjustable gullet system is revolutionary in its ability to allow a rider to change the tree width by a fraction of an inch with just a twist of an Allen wrench, from extra narrow to extra wide or anything in between. The Allen wrench is inserted into a discreet slot located on the side of the pommel. No additional tools and no strength are required to make the change. Adjustments are so quick and easy that they can be done while the saddle sits on a horse’s back to achieve a precise fit. 

The system is also durable enough so that one saddle can be adjusted for use on multiple horses throughout the day—perfect for riders with multiple horses. We offer our adjustable gullet system on most of our saddles, to include our Flex Fit line of Western saddles, Endurance, Baroque and English saddles.

For questions or ordering, send me an email at tara@unbridledoddess.com or message me through Instagram @unbridledgoddess

Precioso in the Amarant Schooling Saddle in Black
Solero in the Avante Doublee in Black with White Piping
Drago in the Ibero Verano in Black with Dolomiti Nubuck
Precioso in the Amarant Schooling Saddle in Brown with Cognac Nubuck